Counter Esperanto #2 The first mini-episode “Strange Things in the Woods, With Slime”

In this mini-sode, the terrible twosome find traces from nowhere leading into the town of Twin Peaks: impossible octopi and the Fortean “Star Slime” that rains down mysteriously on the just and the unjust alike. No connections, says you? We got your connections right here. Get ’em while they’re still wet and wriggling!

The First Episode of the Counter Esperanto Podcast

The Counter Esperanto Podcast: Tangents about Twin Peaks is the work of Karl Eckler and Jubel Brosseau, and represents their first foray into podcasting about their Weird interests.  This is not a recap podcast (there are plenty of those), spoilers abound as Jubel and Karl discuss the Twin Peaks mythos as a whole, generally working backwards from Mark Frost’s new book The Secret History of Twin Peaks.  This first episode discusses the clues that may be present in the typographic layout of the book, the Archivist’s typewriter, the “Race of giants” coverup mystery, Hawk’s puzzling document, and more.  Future episodes will delve further into this beloved world, Weird history, and Weird fiction.