Ep. No. 38 A Return to Tangents About Twin Peaks and a Deep Dive Into the Final Dossier

When Karl and Jubel realized that they had passed the five year mark of the podcast, they thought it would be fitting to return to their “Tangents About Twin Peaks” roots, and use Mark Frost’s The Final Dossier as a springboard to dive into Twin Peaks as a whole.

What resulted is our longest episode yet, which bounces between the text of the book, and our memories and reflections on the whole saga as it stands. Twin Peaks is a dense knot of mystery and Weirdness, and we hope you will join us, perhaps over the holiday weekend, as we, to pull a phrase from H.P. Lovecraft, “correlate its contents.”

Ep. No. 37 Yule Horror by H.P. Lovecraft

Here’s a short reading by your Humble Co-Host Jubel Brosseau, of “Yule Horror,” a short poem by H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft made a habit of writing Christmas poems every year that he sent to friends and family, but generally they were mild, festive affairs. This poem delves into a dark vision of the pagan origins of the Christmas mythology, and is consummate Lovecraft.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Ep. No. 36 The Deep and The Dune(s)

“Dreams are messages from the Deep”

In this episode, a review and impromptu analysis of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” Karl and Jubel are surprised to find their views and thoughts on the film evolving as they break it down. They share a few laughs as they compare/contrast the film with David Lynch’s adaptation. Bear with us folks, this is a bit of a ride!

Ep. No. 35 Ten Top Weird “weirdos, Lynchian”

“It never got weird enough for us”  Here’s some audiovisual notes about today’s podcast:

Guild Navigator – Dune

Ben (Dean Stockwell) from Blue Velvet

The “Bum” behind Winkies

Mr. and Mrs. X (Mary X’s parents from Eraserhead

Mrs. Tremond (and her grandson Pierre)

Lil from Fire Walk With Me

“The Baby” – Eraserhead

Oh You’re Sick
Cutting open the bandages

Mr. Gotta Light – TP: The Return, Part 8
Menaces people on highway
This is the water…

The Cowboy – Mulholland Drive

Mystery Man: Lost Highway


Ep. No. 34: Children of Keep and Phantasm

Jubel and Karl give in to the lure of nostalgia and return to movies that they haven’t seen in 25 years or so: The Keep and Phantasm.  These are weird movies, and also really Weird movies.

We talk about them, how we enjoyed them in our salad days, and what they mean to us now.

Other subjects include high school cabals, sci/fi fantasy video crash pads, and the good-old bad days of cocaine-fueled media.