Ep. No. 46 Just a Taste of the Elixir: a “Project Mercy Seat” Teaser

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Merry Yule, everyone.

Today, just in time for us to call it a Christmas gift to you, we present just a taste of our Super Secret Project that we’ve been cooking up for over a year now, one which we have given the provisional title, “Project Mercy Seat.” We don’t know if it will be a novel, a series of interconnected stories, or something else entirely, but we do know that we will be sending out these dispatches periodically as we work. This is a sprawling work of Weird Fiction that takes place over the course of 140 years, from evildoings near a mining town in Washington State, to dark drawing rooms in the roaring 1920s, to a van making a pilgrimage to San Francisco in 1967, to realms beyond all common understanding. And we’re just getting started!

Karl kicks it off with a reading of a short prose poem by the great Clark Ashton Smith, and after a brief introduction, Jubel reads a portion of the journal of one of our primary characters, Leonora Wiggins. To finish off, we re-enact a lost interview with a musician who has perhaps bitten off more than he can chew, existentially speaking.

All music and editing by Jubel Brosseau. Text written by Jubel Brosseau, and Karl Eckler.