Ep. No. 25: The 18th Secret or “A Ghost of a Memory”

We talk about ghosts in this one.

We start at Laura Palmer’s suffused spirit and how it haunts Twin Peaks for most of the original run and our dreams ever since, then I completely fail to bring that conversation around to discussing Sarah Palmer and how she haunts the family home, but don’t worry, Jubel makes an awesome save there. We bring in everything from The Innocents to the current Netflix version of The Haunting of Hill House, but make sure to take a big fat steaming one on Amityville (or I do at least) and possibly even say something interesting. 

It’s Halloween (but not “This is Halloween. Halloween, halloween!”)

It’s ghosts.

And it’s–sorta–Twin Peaks.

Also, the links in the show notes? Here they are:

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